Air Ducts

We’re proud to have National Air Duct Cleaners Association certified air system cleaning specialists (ASCS) on the Mighty Ducts team! (We’re the only one in Southeast Wyoming and one of three Northern Colorado to consistently maintain this certification.) 

Whether at home or work, we tend to create a lot of chemicals, dust, and dander, all of which circulate through our air ducts 5 to 7 times each day. Over time, that build-up gradually decreases the quality of your indoor air; you might already be noticing it in the form of a sore throat or eye/nose irritation.

At the office, you (or your employees) may notice similar symptoms, in addition to having a feeling that the air just doesn’t quite “feel” or smell right. 

No matter the season, your home or business—and its heating/cooling system—will notice an immediate benefit from air duct cleaning! Not only will it make your HVAC system more efficient, a cleaning also goes far in improving overall respiratory health and productivity. (Offices have even noticed a decrease in employees calling in sick after having their building’s air ducts cleaned!) 


The average six-room house collects over 40 pounds of dust each year. Standard throw-away fiberglass filters remove less than 7% of these particles, which means much of the rest settles in your air ducts.

What we clean

When we stop by to clean your air duct system (which consists of the supply ducting and the return ducting as well as your furnace), here’s what we’ll take care of before we go: 

Air wash the registers
Clean the boot (the part just behind the register) and scrape, if necessary
Clean all branch lines, as well as the main duct line on both the supply and return sides of the system

We also clean the blower and assembly, burners, heat exchanger, cooling coils, drain tube and exhaust of your furnace.

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