Air Purification and Ducts Products


Mighty Ducts is the only BreatheCLEAN installer in the state of Wyoming. The BreatheClean home air purifier is installed into existing ductwork by our technicians. As air passes by the unit’s two ultraviolet bulbs, the UV-C light kills nearly all of the micro-organisms in the air. This includes molds, viruses and bacteria that would otherwise be spread through your home or office by your HVAC system.

This same technology has been used for 80 years in applications such as food packaging, water purification, surgical instrument sterilization and mail sterilization in the U.S. Post Office. Now, BreatheCLEAN allows you to use the same technology to protect your family and employees from airborne micro-organisms.


The LintAlert system is a plug-in security device that monitors the duct pressure in your dryer through water column inch pressure (WCI) then analyzes information through an onboard computer, learning specifically how your system functions. This allows LintAlert to detect changes in the back-pressure in your dryer ducts, which can be caused by lint buildup, a kinked hose or other obstructions. Over time, as air flow constricts, the LED lights on the LintAlert unit activate. If the pressure becomes dangerous, an audio alarm sounds and the LEDs on the unit flash repeatedly.

Through this system, the LintAlert unit allows you to monitor your dryer to reduce wear and prevent possible fires or other problems.

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