APCO® is a whole-house air purifier that uses activated carbon and germ-killing UV-C light to remove odors, chemicals, and biological contaminants for the lifetime of your air system. APCO® also extends the life of the air system by keeping it cleaner.

APCO® eliminates VOCs which are the source of nearly all odors. While some VOCs merely smell bad, others can pose significant health risks. APCO® removes pet odors, cooking smells, and chemical vapors rising from furniture, carpet, and construction materials.
APCO®’s unique combination of UVC light and activated carbon has earned it the prestigious AHR Innovation Award for Indoor Air Quality; one of the highest honors in the HVAC industry.

Air Purification and Dryer Vent Products


Serious protection against pests!

The Defender’s patented design provides an easy to clean barrier to help keep nesting birds and other uninvited guests out the dryer exhaust system. Teeth that can easily gnaw through screens and plastic are no match for the zinc coated steel that is also powder coated. The Defender stands up to pests and the elements for long lasting protection.

  • Provides an extra layer of weather protection
  • Front gate drops down for cleaning & maintenance
  • Minimizes lint buildup with vertical bars
  • Deters birds and squirrel entry
  • Helps hide unsightly vents
Dryer Vent Cage For Sale


Flexible and Tough/Safe and Efficient

DryerFlex combines the ease of use and flexibility of foil flex with the fire resistance and airflow efficiency of a semi-rigid transition hose.

Constructed of crush and puncture resistant 100% aluminum, it is UL2158A Class 0 listed and maintains a 4” diameter at all lengths.

Unlike old fashioned slinky foil flex or semi-rigid hose, DryerFlex stands up to fire and is crush resistant. Its 4” diameter is never compromised which delivers better airflow efficiency.

  • Lengthens Dryer Life
  • Protects against Fire spread
  • Maintains diameter and shape
  • Helps save money on power bills