Since our first truck hit the road back in 1999, we’ve cleaned thousands of air ducts, boilers, chimneys, dryer vents and exhaust hoods across southeast Wyoming and northern Colorado. (And we never know what we’ll find when we get there! See just some of the before and after photos here.)

We’ve cleaned just about every kind of building and residence you can think of, from brand-new homes and businesses (think of all that construction dust settling into the vents), to commercial kitchens, to regional hospitals and massive industrial sites. 

Air Duct Cleaning

A clean heating/cooling system can reduce your energy costs by over 30%!

Chimney Cleaning

We recommend getting your chimney inspected and/or cleaned annually, or after every cord of wood burned.

Exhaust Hood Cleaning

In busy commercial kitchens, built-up heat and moisture on the hood can become a major fire hazard.

Boiler Cleaning

Clean boilers not only run more efficiently (and save you energy costs), but also prolong the life of their system.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Even if you clean the lint trap regularly, lint still builds up in the run between your dryer and outside.