Product highlight: DryerFlex dryer hose

What are the benefits of a DryerFlex dryer hose?

DryerFlex combines the ease of use and flexibility of foil flex with the fire resistance and airflow efficiency of a semi-rigid transition hose.

Constructed of crush- and puncture-resistant 1aluminum, the DryerFlex is UL2158A Class 0 listed and maintains a 4” diameter at all lengths.

Unlike old-fashioned slinky foil flex or semi-rigid hose, DryerFlex stands up to fire and is crush resistant. Its 4” diameter is never compromised which delivers better airflow efficiency.

Additional benefits of the DryerFlex include:

  • Lengthens dryer life
  • Protects against fire spread
  • Maintains diameter and shape
  • Helps save money on power bills

Ask us about adding a DryerFlex hose to your dryer today!